Fire Crew Wish List

Here is a list of items we need. If you have one of them and would like to donate it or if you want to buy it and give it to us, we will be eternally grateful. If you want to be mentioned for your donation, tell us and we will list you here. Otherwise your gift will be anonymous. Bring items or questions to Jeff Daniels at Blue Rock Ranch.

  • Always we need diesel fuel for the fire truck. Get an empty can from Jeff and take it to town, fill it and return it. Highway diesel only, not red diesel please.
  • A portable gas-powered rope winch-capstan for hauling patients, rescuers, and gear uphill during rope rescues.
  • 600’ 5/8” Kern-Mantle rope for rope rescues.  Cost: $1286.00
  • 5 Nomex Wildland Pants and Coats for our new volunteers. Coats Cost: $210.00 each. Pants Cost: $210.00 each.
  • 1 – 2.5 gal. Water Fire Extinguisher with A3F Foam for extinguishing vehicle fires. Cost: $169.00
  • 3 Large ABC Fire Extinguishers  Cost: $69.00 each
  • Here's a big one: We need to build a building to house our fire engines and equipment. We're looking for a spot of land on Bell Springs Road where we can build a firehouse and maybe the start of a Community Center. Contact us with any ideas.
  • We will be adding more items as we need them. Check back here.

Thank you for your donations!

Here is what we have bought with your donations:

  • 18" Husqvarna chain saw with 2 pairs of safety chaps and helmet.
  • 400' 1-1/2" Wildland Fire Hose. We can always use more.
  • 6 hose packs for carrying fire hose while doing hose lays.
  • 100' 1" Hardline hose for hose reel.
  • Numerous hose and pipe fittings to adapt to many situations to draft water from tanks and transfer water to/from other trucks.
  • 2 backboards with spider straps for transporting patients with head, neck, and back injuries.
  • 8 VHF radios and chargers. Programmed by Jeff so we can communicate with each other and other agencies.
  • Radio pagers so we can quickly get dispatch messages.
  • Over $1000 in high pressure hoses and fittings to repair freeze damage suffered last December and prevent it in the future.
  • 3 backpack pumps.
  • 10 pairs high quality Fire Goggles for crew.
  • Long sleeve 100% cotton t-shirts for crew.
  • Stokes Litter
  • A 1990 Ford 350 4x4 Type 3 Ambulance to be used as a rescue vehicle.
  • A used slip-in unit with a 250 gal. tank, high pressure pump, and hose reel for our Chief's Ford F350.
  • New Fire Shelters for our firefighters. Cost: $350.00 each We have bought 10 new generation fire shelters for our crew.
  • An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to revive cardiac arrest patients during CPR. Cost: $1500.00

If you would like to contribute but don't want to buy or donate a specific item, you can always give time or money. See our How to Help the Fire Crew page for ways to contribute.