Fire Links and Resources

This page contains links to fire-related websites and services. If you have any links you would like to add, email them to Include a title, full url, and brief description.

Fire Prevention

  • Mendocino Fire Safe Council - The Fire Safe Council is a great resource for information on making your home and homestead safe from wildfire. They have published some great pamphlets on protecting your homestead from fire.
    • Living with Wildfire (37Mb pdf) This is a 16 page brochure with numerous illustrations that covers a large amount of information on many aspects of wildfire preparedness and safety.
    • Creating a Fire Safety Zone (24k pdf) is one page and talks about having a backup space in case you are unable to evacuate.
    • Fire Protection Water Supply (1.2Mb pdf) is a great resource on how to set up a water supply to protect your property from wildfire and allow local fire agencies and Calfire to connect to your system.
    • The Fire Safe Council also runs a program to help homeowners pay to have brush chipped for fuel removal. See our page about this program and get the forms to apply.

Living with Fire

The Trees Foundation is doing a great series of articles on Living with Fire. Humans' ways of thinking about fire are changing. One hundred years of fire suppression are showing that stopping fire is incredibly expensive, not possible, and actually makes fires worse. New ways of thinking are necessary. These articles explore this topic in our region.

Calfire has a lot of information on Fire Safety. Here is a short video explaining their "Ready, Set, Go" program.

Rolling Stone of all places has an interesting article on the politics of fire suppression and climate change in the wake of the Granite Mountain Hotshot tragedy.

Sources for Fire Gear