April 2024 Fire Department Update

Here we are in early April 2024 and our website is extremely out of date. Please forgive us, we've been busy. We will be updating the site in the coming months but for now here is an update on the latest happenings with our fire department.

The big news is that we have purchased a piece of land to create a firehouse and community center. Located 4 miles up Bell Springs Road from the highway at the intersection of B&B Road and Bell Springs Road, it is 14 acres of ridgetop land well suited for a firehouse. It was owned by the Angel family and they sold it to us at a fair price and wish to see it used by the community in memory of their family members Vidal and Moese who loved the place and community dearly.

The parcel has an existing Class K building that was Akua's dance studio. It is in need of maintenance but is perfect as the start to a community center. Look for news on work parties and events happening there.

There is a large, almost flat area to build a firehouse. The Fire Department Board is researching and discussing all the possibilities -- how big a building, construction materials, access, space needs, permitting, etc. The building may have to be completed in phases but the goal is to have a secure place out of the weather for our vehicles and equipment. Stay tuned for ways you can help.

The other current news is that we have mailed a letter to all Bell Springs property owners asking for donations and with a survey on the future of the fire department. If you are not a landowner or did not receive a letter, you can click the links below to read them online. Please print the survey and mail it to us or follow the link complete the survey online.

Save the Date! August 10, 2024 will be our annual fundraiser at Tan Oak Park. We're in the planning stages and you can be sure it will be a good time!