How to help our fire crew

Here are some ways that you can help our volunteer fire crew:

  • 1. Donate money. All efforts are volunteer. No one gets paid but there are a lot of expenses to maintain our trucks and equipment. Firefighting gear is priced like the government is buying it. We shop for bargains and get hand-me-downs as much as possible. Your donation will go directly to gear and maintenance. There are several ways to donate.
    • Give cash to Jeff Daniels, Annie O'Neill, or Will Emerson. Put it in an envelope that says Fire Donation. They will make sure it goes into our equipment fund.
    • Put money in our Donation Jar at the Gravel Pit Market. 
    • Click this Donate button and contribute via Paypal. You don't need a Paypal account and can pay by credit card.
  • 2. Donate by shopping at Amazon. Use the button below or any of the buttons so marked on We are an Amazon affiliate and we receive about 5% of your order total when you use these links to shop at Amazon. Save this link as a bookmark and use it every time you shop at Amazon and you will be donating without costing yourself any money. 25% of money earned goes to maintain this website and 75% goes to the Fire Crew. Let Amazon buy us fire equipment!

  • 3. See our Wish List page. Choose an item. Buy it, bring it to Jeff Daniels at Blue Rock Ranch. Get mentioned if you want to or do it anonymously.
  • 4. Get an empty 5 gal. diesel container from Jeff Daniels. Take it to town and fill it up and return it. It will be used for our fire truck. Highway diesel only please.
  • 5. Come to our fire trainings and get trained in fighting wildland fires. Our regular training days are Wednesdays from 1pm to 4pm during fire season. Other special training days will be announced on
  • 6. Sign up on our mailing list to be informed of meetings, trainings, and events.
  • 7. Take on a project we have not started yet. Our focus has been on putting out fires but there are many jobs to do beyond that. Community organizing and education, evacuation planning, mapping, fuel removal, grants, building a firehouse, fundraising. We can use your ideas and energy!